Our portfolio has more than 3,000 prints in a wide number of categories. The Digitale Têxtil internal creative department, with a team of highly qualified designers, constantly researches fashion trends and develops innovative topics that will guide the creation of the most suitable prints for each season.

Collections are drawn in pace with changing trends, thanks to the great production flexibility achieved with our cutting-edge technology, which also enables us to print designs supplied by our clients.

Prints categories

geometrics 01 pequeno
geometrics 02 men
geometrics 03 men
geometrics 04 men
Etcnic 01 pequeno
Etcnic 02 men
Etcnic 03 men
Etcnic 04 men
Tropicais 01 pequeno
Tropicais 02 men
Tropicais 03 men
Tropicais 04 men
Abstratos 01 pequeno
Abstratos 02 men
Abstratos 03 men
Abstratos 04 men
Frutas 01 pequeno
Frutas 02 men
Frutas 03 men
Frutas 04 men
Florais 01 pequeno
Florais 02 men
Florais 03 men
Florais 04 men
animal print 01 pequeno
animal print 02 men
animal print 03 men
animal print 04 men
Infantil 01 pequeno
Infantil 02 men
Infantil 03 men
Infantil 04 men


Address: 45 Odell school unit J, Concord, North Carolina, 28027
Phone: +1 704-782-2201
Office hours: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST
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